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We carry an extensive line of wire and cable products, can provide digital coaxial cable, flexible and flat power cable, alarm cable, as well as phone cable and vehicle power cable, which have found a variety of applications in many industries.

Our coaxial cable is mainly used to transmit television signals and connect satellite receivers. Hence, it is also known as TV cable or satellite cable.

Our telephone cable is suitable for communications wiring applications. It is commonly used to connect voice communication systems, SPC exchange, telephones, and faxes.

Our single core power cable is applicable for electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment, and power lighting systems whose rated AC voltage doesn’t exceed 450/750 V or DC voltage is no more than 1000 V.

Our PVC sheathed flat power cable is great for occasions like machine tool manufacturing, complete equipment installation, power plants, heating and air conditioning installation.

Our company has adhered to our commitment to quality since our establishment. We strictly operate in accordance with the ISO9000 quality management system. All of the procedures, from the acquisition of the raw material, to the delivery of the finished product, are rigorously monitored by our quality inspectors. This helps ensure the quality of our wire and cable products. As a manufacturer, we can also provide customers with competitive pricing by selling directly to them and avoiding the middleman cost.