Network Cable

The network cable is a twisted pair product used to make connection between network interface card (NIC) and ADSL modem, router or switchboard. As the NIC can not identify the modulated signals carried by the telephone line, ADSL modem is needed to convert these signals into those that can be identified by the NIC. So, the ADSL modem connects telephone line at one end and connects network cable such as Cat5e and Cat6e Ethernet cable at the other end.

Our LAN cable belongs to unshielded twisted pair cable, UTP cable is the most widely used computer networking cable. A number of signal wires are encased in the plastic insulating sheath, and two wires in each pair are twisted together. When there is electric current flowing through the wire, electromagnetic field will be generated, which will cause interference to other pairs in the cable. As the electric currents in two paired wires are opposite, their electromagnetic fields can be cancelled out by closely arranging the pairs. In addition, the twist rates of wires in different pairs are also different, which helps minimize the crosstalk between neighboring pairs.

Our internet cables are manufactured in accordance with TIA/EIA568A-568B requirements. They consist of HDPE insulation, twisted pair copper conductors, and PVC sheath. Designed with a maximum operating temperature of 70 ℃, the products offer a selection of bandwidth, including 16 MHz, 100 MHz, 150 MHz, and 250 MHz.

Materials of Ethernet Cable
Inner Conductor: Copper (CU)
Copper Clad Steel (CCS)
Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)
Tinned Copper (TCU)
Outer Sheath: PVC

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