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A/V Accessories (DVD Audio and Video Cable)

RCA connectors, especially RCA jack or RCA plug, are the most common A/V accessories. They are used as the main audio input and output connectors for power amplifiers. The connectors may be specially processed for better audio effect, such as using large spiral binding post or gilding treatment for reduced signal noise.

RCA terminal uses the central axis to transmit digital audio signal or analog video signal, and the outer ring is used for ground connection. RCA audio terminals are color coded in pairs, generally, red for the right channel, black or white for the left channel. Sometimes, the center and surround channel cables are marked in other colors to facilitate differentiation during connection, but the RCA connectors in the whole system have the same electrical performance. The RCA stereo audio cable usually contains a left channel wire and a right channel wire.

Our company provides a wide range of A/V accessories such as RCA plug, RCA connector and other RCA terminals.

Given below are audio and video accessories of different specifications.

1.0015 REF: A
1.0016 REF: B
RCA jack to 2 RCA plugs
A. OD 2.6x5.2mm
B. OD 3x6mm

1.0105 REF: A
1.0106 REF: B
1.0107 REF: C
2 RCA plugs to 2 RCA jacks
A: OD 2.6x5.2mm
B: OD 3x6mm
C: OD 4x8mm

3 RCA plugs to 3 RCA jacks
O.D: 2.6x7.8mm

1.0101 REF: A
1.0102 REF: B
1.0103 REF: C
2 RCA plugs to 2 RCA plugs
A: OD 2.6x5.2mm
B: OD 3x6mm
C: OD 4x8mm

3.5 mm stereo plug to 3.5 mm stereo plug

BNC plug to BNC plug

Packing: 305 m/pull box, 2 pull boxes/CTN

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