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Twisted Pair Wire

The twisted pair wire is one of our major products. The two individually insulated conductors are twisted together to cancel out EMI from external sources and reduce the interference to the external sources due to their own signals. The crosstalk between neighboring pairs can be minimized or eliminated. Twisted pair insulation is made from PVC material, which is flame retardant.

Without any shield, the twisted pair cable has a relatively small diameter, which occupies less space during use. In addition, the product is light, flexible and easy to bend, making transportation and installation easier. Hence, it is suitable for structured comprehensive wiring. Now the product is commonly used for transmission of household power, from the power supply to lighting, for example.

Item No.: BT-9001 unshielded twisted pair wire
0.50mm2X2 Core
0.75mm2X2 Core

Inner Conductor: Copper (CU)
Copper Clad Steel (CCS)
Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)
Tinned Copper (TCU)
Outer Jacket: PVC

Normal Packing
1. 50 m/roll 12 rolls/CTN
2. 100 m/roll 6 rolls/CTN
3. 100 yards/roll 8 rolls/CTN

Other Packing
Our twisted wires can also be packed using paper spool, in addition to plastic roll.

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